Sarah Nabs Hanky thief!

At the Collingwood Court Court on Tuesday, before Messrs. Templeton, P.M., Eade, T. Kidney, Marsden, and Walker….., George Smith, a larrikin, and an old offender, was charged with
stealing a handkerchief and 4s, 6d. from the person of William Perrin. The two had been drinking, after which they went to Perrin’s house, and lay down on a bed together, when prisoner took a handkerchief out of the other’s pocket. They had a struggle for it, and Smith ran off, upon which a sister of Perrin, aged about l8, gave chase, caught, and held him by the throat till assistance came. He was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, with hard labour.

The Argus, Melbourne, 29 Mar 1876. William and Sarah Perrin.