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About this Site

Welcome to my site! It might be your site too if you are related to the following families:

Bryan, Bryant, Halbert, Keogh, Manktelow, McMillan, Pauly, Perrin, Simpson, and dare I say it “the Smith’s and Jones’s “and their descendants. Gosh, there’s MORE!

For a full list of all surnames CLICK HERE (If it doesn’t open immediately go to your downloads folder, and find it there.)

The families of my grandparents came to Australia in the 1850’s. They were either Brits, Scots or Irish and they came here for a better life. They have spread from Melbourne to as far EAST, WEST, NORTH & SOUTH of OZ as you can go, and also to New Zealand!

I’m so proud of them all, who goes on a one way trip? I often receive info and photos from relatives I’ve never met, and I hope that, if you think you might be related…. you give us a try!

“Australian history is full of surprises and adventures and incongruities, and incredibilities, but they are all true, they all happened” Mark Twain, 1896.

Below a Perrin collage.


Perrin, Reunion Book Pg2 2011 - Copy

Mostly Birding

Adventurous Birding, Atlasing and Travel

Outback Family History

Family and Local History of the Goldfields of Western Australia