Bryan, Alexander & Dulcie Wedding Day 20 11 1913Alexander Bryan, my Grandfather born 24 Jan 1881 (Daylesford Victoria) – Died 24 Dec 1953 (Perth WA). My Grandfather’s Grandfather, William, paid passage to bring his wife, Jane Richmond and at that time 9 children to Australia on board the Marco Polo arriving in Hobson’s Bay Vic. on 20th Sep 1852. They were from Ayrshire, Scotland and after their 10th child was born in Richmond Vic. the family moved to Daylesford.

Alexander moved to W.A. where he met and married Dulcie Halbert in 1913 at Ravensthorpe.

John Bryan Mole has been the main instigator of the Bryan Family Reunions.

Because I’m a Lawn Bowler and my dad was a Spring Carnival follower, John seemed to have the happy knack of always choosing the wrong time of year for us……Caulfield Cup Weekend!.

I have made it to 2 reunions however, and I’m sooooo impressed with John’s ability to display and present the family tree. His books are top class. He’s been the mainstay of the family history.

In 2010 John organized a reunion at Swan Hill and is was simply fantastic! It was great to meet up with “book writers” Bev Mappin, Val Anderson, John and others (was there Reid there?).

My thoughts are that now we have unlimited technology, reunions can “Happen Daily”, if you are willing to share your knowledge.

(Tho’ I hope someone carries on John’s efforts, as there is no better way, of getting to know where you came from, seeing who you look like, and forging new friendships and John’s efforts over many decades prove that!)

Stay in touch…. share your knowledge and enjoy where and who you are, but always appreciate the “how you got to be there”!

Bryan Family Reunion Swan Hill 2010

Bryan, 2002 Reunion

Bryan, 1985 Reunion (2).jpg

Bryan, Reunion 1985 J. Mole