(Pictured above left, McMillan Genealogists – Barry, Pam, Alan, Eril and Ian at our first get together in 2015. Pictured above right, Thomas McMillan, my McMillan grandfather.) 

To view/download the McMillan Family Tree 46 page PDF with a  Surname List from page 41 CLICK HERE

For much more on our McCance, McMillan and Keogh families in the early days of Chewton/Castlemaine. I recommend you seek out this book below “Oceans of Consolation” by David Fitzpatrick.

If you want to know a whole lot more about “Forest Creek/Chewton”, the first stop for the McMillan’s, McCance’s and Keogh’s, then Ken McKimmie’s “Chewton Then and Now” is a great “go too”.

The McMillan’s were originally from Scotland but moved to Ireland. They left for Australia from there after the murder of Nathaniel McMillan. The story goes ( and yet to be confirmed) that Nathaniel was murdered as he was a Protestant Orange Man. He was coming home from a meeting of the Orange Lodge when he was fallen upon by Green Irish and beaten to death with shillelaghs. His wife Agnes remarried on his death to John McCance and came to the goldfields at Chewton, Vic., in 1853 with the whole extended family. The family which arrived in Victoria totaled 15 – It appears they may have traveled on at least 2 ships, The Marian Moor which was a new vessel, arriving 15 Feb 1853 and The Confiance, arriving 12 Apr 1853.

AND …… also, you could check out Neil Bradley’s Hayman/McMillan site, (click on the link) Highly recommended! Front page below, click to expand.

Coral Enderl has written an excellent book on her Eames family, Richard Joseph and Elizabeth Margaret, and their descendants. They briefly intertwine with our Perrin’s and McMillan’s

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