Halbert, Michael (AKA Albert Miller) – My Great Grandfather 1858-1930

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I have written extensively about “my Halbert’s” from Western Australia, in the book below. (Self Published only available from Self…..oh yeh, that’s me!) Cheers.

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2017, English, Book, Illustrated edition: The Halbert’s : Yours, (the Eastern Staters) Mine, (the Western Australians) (includes: “the Ardath Murders!”) & Ours (the New Zealanders – just a tiny bit) / by Pamela Bryant (nee Bryan). 134 Pages with photos, maps, news clippings.

Libraries Australia ID 61498794
Location Bookmark: https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/252770228

Review by Ian McMillan

“Congratulations what a great piece of comprehensive detective work and writing. Your research and the pictures painted of the family are second to none. All your considerable effort has borne fruit in bringing a pioneering Aussie family (and Kiwi too) to life. It will serve as a vehicle for future generations to appreciate the fortunes, misfortunes and hardships our forefathers went through to survive, raise a family and lay the foundation of our great land.”

Review by Lorraine Simmons

“…the many coincidences, name changes etc. not to mention rapes, murders and bomb blasts, Ivy Yatala who would call one child that, let alone 2.

The totally different lives of the extended families of Albert / Michael Halbert stretching from one group living so frugal to, the other tripping overseas and owning a Rolls Royce.

I really enjoyed reading the book. We may not have any famous or rich people in our heritage, what they lack in this regard is certainly made up of real characters, dramas and yet to be solved further mysteries. Congratulations on your fine efforts in collating our family saga.”

Halbert – Dulcie Catherine. (My Grandmother)

Born 1896 (Coolgardie WA) – Died 24 Oct 1969 (Willagee WA). 

(Pictured above left, on her marriage to Alexander Matheson Bryan in Ravensthorpe W. A. on 20th November 1913, and to the right as a teenager.)

Halbert– Michael (My Great Grandfather with my Great Grandmother, Rose Ann (nee Keogh))

(Pictured above are Dulcie’s parents Albert Miller (sometimes called Miller – real name Michael) Halbert (b. Kingower, Vic.) and Rose Ann Keogh (b. Moorak Station, Mount Gambier, S.A.) taken at their Kundip home, near Ravensthorpe. Photo enhanced & colourised by My Heritage.

Rose Ann was the 3rd female to venture to the Coolgardie/Kalgoorlie Goldfields in the early 1890’s. Sadly in her lifetime she would have to endure the deaths of both parents and a step father & step uncle, her husband, eight siblings (some tragically) and 5 children of her own (some tragically). Dulcie’s father (Rose Ann’s husband), was a former Victorian jockey who fled to NZ, in the nick of time, as police chased him down a Melbourne wharf, for race fixing! He returned to Oz via the long route and ended up in W.A.  Her brother (the 6th child) Gordon, was the first white child born in Kundip W.A.  His story is most interesting.  Dulcie was the only grandparent I ever met, sadly the brooches that sparkled in the sun and her love of a “biccie” or two is all I remember of her. 

DNA Testing confirms that the Halbert’s on this site and their forebears came from Scotland originally, then Newcastle on Tyne and are related to the New Zealand, New South Wales, Victorian and Western Australian families.

Halbert – Thomas (My 3rd Great Grand Uncle)

Thomas Halbert – Image courtesy of the Tairawhiti Museum in Gisborne, Poverty Bay, New Zealand.


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