Mary Winifred Manktelow (aka Mary Alwynne, also the name of a famous racehorse of the day, a nice filly perhaps?) was a professional pianist at the “Tivoli Theatre” in Melbourne, Victoria, (in the 1920’s) and my husbands grandmother. She had a daughter Theresa Mary Manktelow, (1928-1986), while visiting Melbourne from the U.K. but left her new born daughter in Australia for adoption. The adoptive parents were Sydney Maxwell and Josie Broadhurst (nee Quinn). They changed her name to, Marie Theresa Broadhurst on 27th July 1931, on adoption, and later added a third name, Cecelia, perhaps at a confirmation or christening.

Elmer George Pauly (1890-1956) serving in Australia as the American Trade Commissioner at Chancery House Melbourne, was named by Miss Manktelow as the  father of Theresa (later Marie). Mr Pauly’s wife and children had remained in the United States after the family returned following his first period of engagement Abt. 1923-6. He sometimes passed off Miss Manktelow as his wife at parties and gentrified get-togethers. He was consequently required to admit guilt and pay up a sum and maintenance for Theresa (Marie) until she became a teenager, which he did.  

DNA kicks in in 2020 when Marie’s grandson does the test, and low and behold…… I now believe the true father of  Marie is one Charles Ignatius Sempill (Hinshelwood)! If only we had the benefit of this science back then. However, how nice it is to make these discoveries, to learn that circumstances believed to be truly buried, are nearly 100 years later, dug up.

Mankeltow, Marie

Below, Marie Theresa Cecelia Broadhurst on her wedding day, with her adoptive parents, Syd and Josie Broadhurst.

Broadhurst, Marie Josie and Sidney

Mary Winifred Manktelow
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