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Elmer George Pauly, former U. S. A. “Commissioner for Trade”, worked at Chancery  House, Melbourne, Vic.,  Aust. I remember I used to visit Chancery House when I worked for the Dept. of (Air) Defence in the early 70’s.

Chancery House Melb. 70371328

(Above, courtesy – SLAV)

His father Henry was born in Germany and his mother Annie Gehb, in Maryland U. S. A.Pauly, Elmer G. Draft Paper

From the personal column of “The Argus” Friday Jan 16th 1925.
“The American Assistant Trade Commissioner (Mr. Elmer G. Pauly) left Melbourne yesterday. He will be away about two weeks, and will be the guest of the Mayors of several Western District towns before going to the Grampians. ..”

In another article “He arrived back in Australia (Sydney) on 4th Feb 1927 after having departed with his family in 1926 from Melbourne where he had been based for a few years.”

He worked at Chancery House, on and off in the period 1923-1928.

Pauly, Charlotte, Jean and Bruce 1926
Pauly, Charlotte, Jean and Bruce 1926 (R to L)


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