“The Ardath Murders!” – “A Few Mad Days”

Part 3 of my book “The Halberts’ Yours, Mine and Ours” covers the few mad days of a triple murder/suicide which took place in Ardath, Western Australia in 1930. The plan, incubated earlier, manifested itself on the 30th Dec 1930 and by New Years Eve four lives were cruelly taken.

One of those four was my Great Uncle William (Billy).

Was he the perpertrator or the victim?

To read this 10 page report CLICK HERE and find it in your downloads.

A condensed version of this story can be found at http://www.wanowandthen.com under the heading “Murder Most Foul” or through Outback Family History. https://www.outbackfamilyhistoryblog.com/murder-most-foul

(PB 8/3/’21))